Integrity Indicator

Last updated: 2014-11-28


The test set can evaluate its own performance and make a determination as to the validity of a measurement result. The test set evaluates the conditions surrounding a measurement and reports to the user its evaluation of these conditions in a parameter called the measurement integrity indicator. A measurement integrity indicator value is returned for every completed measurement. It is recommended that the user take advantage of this feature in every measurement.

The returned value defines whether or not a problem was encountered by the measurement process. It is not, however, guaranteed to be the only or root cause of the measurement problem. This is because some of the conditions surrounding a measurement may interact, and the test set may have insufficient information to determine the root cause of the measurement problem. However, in most cases, the value returned is the most likely cause of the problem.

Not all of the integrity indicator values are available for each measurement or test application, if a value doesn't apply it will not be available.

Integrity Indicator Values