Manual Operation

 Last updated: January 16, 2009

 This page provides links to information on using the test set from the front panel including: Call Processing Operations (such as making a call, handovers), Call Processing Configuration (configuring the test set's base station emulator), Making Measurements (how to use the measurements in general, and also how to perform 3GPP TS 34.121 tests, see Performing Individual Measurements and 3GPP TS 34.121 Tests ), Data Channel , Test Set Configuration (such as amplitude offsets, GPIB and LAN ports), General Manual Operation (such as Help Mode, which provides context-sensitive GPIB command syntax assistance, and Save and Recall Registers, which provide a way to return to frequently used setups).

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 Call Processing Operations

 Call Processing Configuration

 Making Measurements

 Data Channel

 Test Set Configuration

 General Manual Operation