LIST Subsystem

Configures list of frequencies to be output by instrument. This permits faster frequency change to a predetermined list of frequencies. You may advance frequencies by either an external trigger, an internal trigger, or a BUS trigger. List is initiated by FREQuency:MODE LIST.


LIST_DWELl - sets amount of time each frequency in list is generated.

LIST_FREQuency - Specify up to 128 frequencies as a list (frequencies may also be read from or saved to a file using MMEMory:LOAD:LIST[1|2] and MMEMory:STORe:LIST.

LIST_FREQuency_POINts - Returns number of points in a frequency list.

For LIST programming example, see Create a List of Frequencies.

[SOURce[1|2]:]LIST:DWELl {<seconds>|MINimum|MAXimum}
[SOURce[1|2]:]LIST:DWELl? [{MINimum|MAXimum}]

Sets dwell time, the amount of time each frequency in a frequency list is generated.

Parameter Typical Return
1 µs to 1000 s, default 1 s +1.200000000000000E+01
Set dwell time for channel 1 to 12 s:

[SOURce[1|2]:]LIST:FREQuency <freq1>[, <freq2>, etc.]

Specifies frequency values in a frequency list.

Parameter Typical Return
List of 1 to 128 frequencies, each 1 μHz to maximum instrument frequency (up to 200 kHz for triangle and ramp). Default list: 100 Hz, 1000 Hz, and 550 Hz. 2.17800000E+006,3.14000000E+003, 6.28318000E+006

Set channel 1 frequency list to three frequency values:
LIST:FREQ 2.718E6, 3.14E3, 6.28318E6

[SOURce[1|2]:]LIST:FREQuency:POINts? [{MINimum|MAXimum}]

Returns number of frequencies in current frequency list.

Parameter Typical Return
[{MINimum|MAXimum}] +17
Return number of entries in the channel 1 frequency list: