TRIGger Subsystem Introduction

The rear-panel external trigger BNC connector is chassis referenced.

Configures triggering for sequence, list, burst, and sweep:

TRIGger[1|2] - immediate trigger

TRIGger[1|2]:COUNt {<number>MINimum|MAXimum|DEFault} - trigger count

TRIGger[1|2]:DELay {<seconds>|MINimum|MAXimum} - trigger delay

TRIGger[1|2]:LEVel {<level>|MINimum|MAXimum} - trigger level

TRIGger[1|2]:SLOPe {POSitive|NEGative} - slope of trigger signal at the rear-panel Ext Trig connector

TRIGger[1|2]:SOURce {IMMediate|EXTernal|TIMer|BUS} - source (internal, external, timer, or bus) from which instrument accepts trigger

TRIGger[1|2]:TIMer {<seconds>|MINimum|MAXimum} - timer used when TRIGger[1|2]:SOURce is TIMer.


Forces immediate trigger to initiate sequence, sweep, list, or burst.

Parameter Typical Return
(none) (none)
Send an immediate trigger on channel 2:

TRIGger[1|2]:COUNt {<number>MINimum|MAXimum|DEFault}
TRIGger[1|2]:COUNt? [{MINimum|MAXimum}]

Sets trigger count.

Parameter Typical Return
1 to 1,000,000; default, 1 10000
Set channel 2 trigger count to 10000:
TRIG2:COUN 10000

TRIGger[1|2]:DELay {<seconds>|MINimum|MAXimum}
TRIGger[1|2]:DELay? [{MINimum|MAXimum}]

Sets trigger delay, (time from assertion of trigger to occurrence of triggered event).

Parameter Typical Return
0 to 1000 s, in resolution of 4 ns; default 0 +1.050000000000000E-01
Set channel 1 trigger delay to 105 ms:
TRIG:DEL 105e-3

TRIGger[1|2]:LEVel {<level>|MINimum|MAXimum}
TRIGger[1|2]:LEVel? [{MINimum|MAXimum}]

Sets the output trigger level and input trigger threshold in volts. The trigger threshold is one-half of the trigger level.

Parameter Typical Return
0.9 to 3.8 V +3.300000000000000E+00
Set the trigger level to 2 V:

TRIGger[1|2]:SLOPe {POSitive|NEGative}

Specifies polarity of trigger signal on rear-panel Trig In connector for any externally-triggered mode.

Parameter Typical Return
{POSitive|NEGative}, default POS (rising edge) POS or NEG
Set trigger slope to falling edge:

TRIGger[1|2]:SOURce {IMMediate|EXTernal|TIMer|BUS}

Selects the trigger source for sequence, list, burst or sweep. The instrument accepts an immediate or timed internal trigger, an external hardware trigger from the rear-panel Ext Trig connector, or a software (bus) trigger.

Parameter Typical Return
{IMMediate|EXTernal|TIMer|BUS}, default IMMediate IMM, EXT, TIM, BUS
Select external trigger source (trigger each time a low-true TTL pulse is received on the rear-panel trigger input): TRIG:SOUR EXT

In triggered burst mode:

In frequency sweep mode:

TRIGger[1|2]:TIMer {<seconds>|MINimum|MAXimum}
TRIGger[1|2]:TIMer? [{MINimum|MAXimum}]

Sets timer used when TRIGger[1|2]:SOURce is TIMer.

Parameter Typical Return
1 ┬Ás to 8,000 s +3.000000000000000E-01
Set trigger timer to 300 ms on channel 2: