About TEDS (TETRA2) Modulation Analysis

89601AYAC (89601B-BHA) TEDS Demodulation adds TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS) signal demodulation capability to your 89600 VSA software. TEDS is an air interface standard (Physical Layer OSI layer 1) between fixed network equipment (Downlink slot) and subscriber units (Uplink slots) and provides wireless communications between these two functional groups. Typical TEDS applications are for Public Safety where TEDS increases TETRA data speeds up to 30 - 150kbit/s.

TEDS delivers a flexible bit rate in 25, 50, 100, and 150kHz radio channel bandwidths using multicarrier coherent time division multiple-access (TDMA) modulation. This flexibility allows TEDS to optimize performance by allowing higher system data throughput under good signal conditions, while still supplying significantly better throughput than current systems operating under weaker signal conditions. The downlink transmission mode is continuous, while the uplink transmission mode is pulsed on a slot-by-slot basis.

With 89601AYAC, you can demodulate TEDS-modulated signals, both in downlink and uplink directions. The demodulator parameters are user-definable, giving you the ability to customize the demodulator to measure and analyze non-ideal signals. You can choose from four TEDS slot formats (Normal Downlink, Normal Uplink, Random Access, and Control Uplink), three quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) types (M-4QAM, M-16QAM, M-64QAM), and four channel bandwidths (25kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz, and 150kHz).

For measurement and analysis, you can display traces for the composite signal (including Error Summaries) and traces for selected Subcarriers (such as Constellation Diagrams). Additional demodulation parameters let you adjust for Search Length and what to include for error vector magnitude (EVM) errors (such as Header Symbols, Droop, and Pilot Tracking). Development parameters include Filter Alpha, Time Scale Factor, and Mirror Frequency Spectrum.

TEDS provides many unique Time Domain and Frequency Domain trace data results including the following composite trace results:

Using Subcarrier selections, you can view individual trace results for a selected subcarrier:

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