Filter Alpha (TEDS)

Default: 0.2 (See Using Standard Setups/Presets)

Range: 0.05 to 1.0

Filter Alpha specifies the filter alpha value for the RRC measurement filter used for the subcarriers.

At the transmit end of the TEDS air interface, each TEDS subcarrier uses a Root Raised Cosine (Nyquist) filter to process the output of the corresponding subcarrier symbol generator. The RRC filter ensures minimal system intersymbol interference and maximum frequency domain attenuation outside the subcarrier bandwidth, which minimizes interference to adjacent subcarriers. It is the filter alpha that determines the amount of overlap between subcarriers when transmitting the composite waveform and is a primary design factor in balancing accuracy versus bandwidth. The default value of 0.2 means the subcarrier occupied bandwidth is 20% more than the theoretical minimum. For more information, see Root Raised Cosine Filter.

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