Modulation Type (TEDS)

Default: M-16QAM (except for Random Access: M-4QAM) (See Using Standard Setups/Presets)

Range: M-4QAM (QPSK), M-16QAM, M- 64QAM

Modulation Type specifies the order of QAM used by the subcarriers in the TEDS signal being analyzed.

The three types of Multiple Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (MQAM) are described in the following topics: TEDS Demod Overview and Symbol Constellations. Further note that symbols patterns for Normal Downlink, Normal Uplink, and Control Uplink include Header Symbols that always transmit in M-4QAM, while the remainder of the data (except for sync and pilot) symbols transmit as a single modulation type. There are no Header symbols for Random Access Uplink using M-4QAM modulation.

TEDS is a format within the family of Multiple Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (MQAM) formats. MQAM are distinguished by multiple carriers of standard digital modulation, with each carrier called a subcarrier.

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