I/O Connections with LA Overview

Keysight 89600 I/O Connections is a software utility that helps to quickly connect and configure the LAN-connected Logic Analyzer, verify operation, and troubleshoot connectivity problems. The 89600 I/O Connections software is installed with the 89600 VSA software. To start the 89600 I/O Connections utility, click Start > Keysight 89600 Software <ReleaseVersion> > VSA IO Connections.

Explorer Pane

The I/O Connections explorer pane appears when the I/O Connections utility is started. The explorer pane lists the LAN-connected instruments, along with icons to indicate the status of each device. This information reflects the status of the instruments as of the last time the I/O Connection utility scanned the test system and refreshed the display.

The following screen shot is of an I/O Connections explorer pane.

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