I/O Connections Configurable Properties Dialog Box

To start the 89600 I/O Connections utility, click Start > Keysight 89600 Software <ReleaseVersion> > VSA IO Connections.

The Add LAN Instrument dialog box can be used to change properties of a configured instrument, or it can be used for the final steps when adding a new instrument.

The Add LAN Instrument dialog box can be accessed in any of the following ways.

Configurable Properties Dialog Box

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When the I/O Connections is used to connect to a LAN (TCP/IP) instrument, the connection can be defined using a hostname or an IP address. Use a hostname when your network is set up to use DHCP to dynamically assign an IP address at the time each PC or logic analyzer starts up or restarts. This requires that your network have a DNS (domain name system) server to provide the DHCP service and map the hostname to an IP address.

IP address

When the I/O Connections is used to connect to a LAN (TCP/IP) instrument, the connection can be defined using a hostname or an IP address. Use the device IP address when your system uses static IP addressing rather than dynamically-assigned IP addressing using DHCP. In this case, the device will have a static IP address that does not change over time (or at startup). This is likely to be the case if a private LAN is being used for your test system.

Test Connection

Once the connection information has been configured, click the Test Connection button. This will attempt to connect to the instrument named above. After clicking Test Connection for the first time, the instrument state is displayed below the Test Connection button.

Status Indicators

The four descriptive symbols shown below give a visual indication of the status of the LAN interface and the instruments in the explorer pane. The status indicator is superimposed on the icon that represents the instrument or LAN interface. The status indicators enable problems to be noticed quickly.












image\Verified_Icon.jpgThe Verified symbol indicates that this interface or instrument has been located and identified. The IO Connections utility sent a message to this instrument and received an expected answer.

image\Ignored.jpg The Ignore symbol indicates that the device is currently excluded from I/O Connections scans. The information for this device will not be updated when I/O Connections refreshes the test system.

When an instrument is ignored, Connection Expert will not check for this instrument address or verify that the instrument is physically present.

To restore normal scanning of the instrument, right-click the instrument and select Stop Ignoring.

If instrument is put in to the Ignored state, the Keysight 89600 VSA Software will not be able to use the instrument.

image\failed.jpgThe Failed symbol indicates that there was a failure when I/O Connections tried to communicate with the device. Either there is an error in the configuration, or the physical device is not communicating as expected. To get more information on a particular failure, select Change Properties for the device and click Test Connections to retry the connection test and see any resulting error.

Common causes of instrument communication failures and some possible solutions are described below.

image\unknown.jpgThe Unknown symbol indicates that this instrument is defined in the system configuration but has not yet been verified. It is unknown whether the configuration is correct and whether the physical device is communicating as expected.

Some examples of how a device could be in an unknown state are described below.

Check for an instrument at this TCP/IP address

When this check box is selected, I/O Connections checks for an instrument at this address whenever it does a Refresh. The address check opens a connection to the instrument to check for a device present.

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