This feature is a licenced feature which requires the subscription.

Add Switch Matrix… - select to open the External Device Configuration dialog, user can configure a new switch matrix

<User Config Name> – existing configurations that user can select.

None – when first open this application, “None” is display to indicate switch matrix is not selected. “None” will always appear in the pulldown as a valid selection. If “None” is selected, all other controls on this tab will be gray-out.

Characterize -  Open Characterize Switch Matrix wizard

VNA Port n to Test Port – Select test ports. Note: the path will not be switched until clicking the “Switch” button, in order to save the switch matrix service life.

By Test Port - Fill in the test port combo-boxes by port numbers or port labels

Switch – Do switching path

Switch Path -  Open Switch Path dialog.


TDR state is on top of VNA state. So, “.tdr” file includes:

L8990M-0LZ Switch Matrix

L8990M-0LZ is the model number of custom switch matrix for HSD cable compliance test solution. A pre-defined switch profile file will be distributed along with VNA FW installation, user may find it at “C:\Program Files\Keysight\Network Analyzer\DocumentsTemplate\Drivers\L8990M_0LZ_SwitchMatrix.swp”.


Physical Configuration


·        4U Frame

·        4x SP6T, 8x transfer switches, 16x semi-rigid cables for connecting switch module to module

Physical Configuration with Flexible Cables

In the “External Switch Matrix” properties dialog, switch matrix configuration follow the physical configuration, which is illustrated as below:




·   16 gray cables

o   Semi-rigid cables dedicate to switch-to-switch connections, which are also illustrated in section above (physical configuration)

·   4 red cables

o   VNA ports connect to the 4x SP6T Com ports.

·   20 blue cables

o   These are test port cables. So, this is a 20-port test system.