Analysis Subcarrier (TEDS)

Default: (See Using Standard Setups/Presets)

Range: -24 to +24, choices dimmed if not applicable due to Channel Bandwidth setting.

Analysis Subcarrier is used to select the sub-carrrier for your TEDS demodulation analysis. For example, you can view a particular subcarrier in your constellation diagram. See TEDS Subcarriers to learn more.

TEDS is based on variable subcarrier/channel bandwidths of 25, 50, 100, and 150kHz, with burst uplink and continuous downlink slot formats. In particular, the Normal Downlink, Normal Uplink, and Control Uplink slot formats can use a 25kHz bandwidth, 50kHz bandwidth, 100kHz bandwidth, or 150kHz bandwidth, while the Random Access slot format can only use a 25kHz bandwidth.

The number of subcarriers in a signal depends on the channel bandwidth selected. The table below shows the number of subcarriers for each channel bandwidth.

Channel Bandwidth

Number of subcarriers

150 kHz

48 (-24 to 24)


32 (-16 to 16)


16 (-8 to 8)


8 (-4 to 4) 

See TEDS Subcarriers for more information.

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