Mirror Frequency Spectrum (TEDS)

Default: Cleared (See Using Standard Setups/Presets)

Mirror Frequency Spectrum allows you to correctly demodulate frequency spectrums that are mirrored (flipped) about the center frequency. The default frequency spectrum is not mirrored. This parameter does not change the displayed spectrum trace data.

Cleared: Does not mirror the frequency spectrum.

Selected: Mirrors the frequency spectrum about the VSA's center frequency.

The display of spectrum trace data will not change with this parameter. To mirror the spectrum data, clear TEDS Mirror Frequency Spectrum check box, and select MeasSetup > Frequency tab > Mirror Frequency check box.

External Down Converter

When using an external down converter, specify the User Correction Spectrum "Normal" parameter and make sure the "Mirror Spectrum" parameter is not selected (Input > User Correction > Spectrum > "Normal") and use the Mirror Frequency parameter in the MeasSetup Frequency dialog box instead (MeasSetup > Frequency > Mirror Frequency).

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