Channel 1 Trace Data (TEDS)

The Trace > Data > Channel 1 menu provides choices for time and frequency trace data from the pre-demodulated time record data. Channel 1 refers to the 89600 VSA measurement channel.



ACP PvT Summary

Summary of the adjacent channel powers over time for both the upper and lower channels.

ACP Upper and Lower PvT Time

Time display of the upper or the lower adjacent channels.


Values that are applied to the acquired data to compensate for phase and magnitude anomalies in the analyzer hardware and software signal processing, determined during analyzer calibration sequences.

Inst Spectrum

Instantaneous spectrum (the most recent measurement) of your recorded or hardware signal, scaled to the display. Display information includes the Center frequency, the RBW (Resolution Bandwidth), frequency Span and the equivalent TimeLen (time length).

Main Time

Block of time-record samples of the signal waveform from which time, frequency, and modulation domain data is derived.

PvT Summary

Summary of the composite signal (all TEDS subcarriers) power levels for the specified slot format. This includes reference power, overall slot power, burst power, and power off levels.

PvT Time

Non-complex time display with time = 0 aligned to the first symbol of the burst.

Raw Main Time

Raw data from the input hardware or playback file. Because this raw data does not have time corrections applied, the trace includes: CAL?

Search Time

Time-data before pulse search and demodulation, that is, shows the acquired time data used to search for the pulse (or burst).


Frequency spectrum of your recorded or hardware signal, scaled to the display and averaged if averaging is on.

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