Configurable Timers

Configurable Timers

Last updated: December 3, 2008

The Configurable Timers are only applicable to the lab applications.


This is the list of configurable timers with a brief explanation and their default values. You can specify the value of the following timers which are used by the mobile.

Timer Name



Default Value

GPIB command

Periodic Location Update Timer

Periodic Location Update Timer controls how often the mobile performs the periodic location update procedure.

0 to 255 decihours (1 decihour = 6 minutes)

A value of "0" will disable the periodic location area updating.



Periodic Routing Area Update Timer

Periodic Routing Area Update Timer controls how often the mobile performs the periodic routing area update procedure. The value of the Period Routing Area Update Timer is sent to the mobile as part of the "ATTACH ACCEPT" or "ROUTING AREA UPDATE ACCEPT" messages.

Note, the T3312 does not start until the T3314 GMM Ready Timer has expired, so the T3314 must be enabled to start periodic routing area updates.

0 to 11160s1

A value of "0" will disable the periodic routing area updating.



Call Originate Timer

Call Originate Timer controls the time the test set alerts a mobile station when attempting a mobile terminated call.

0 to 999s



Call Release Timer

Call Release Timer set the time that the test set waits after sending a "RELEASE" message until receiving a "RELEASE COMPLETE" message.

On the first timeout the 8960 re-transmits the RELEASE, on a second timeout the Mobility Management connection is released and the 8960 reports an error.

1 to 60000ms



TBF Release Timer

TBF Release Timer is used on the mobile when the mobile station has received all of the RLC data blocks and it waits from release of the TBF after reception of the final block. When the timer expires, the mobile station releases the resources associated with the TBF and begins to monitor its paging channel.

0, 80ms, 120ms, 160ms, 200ms, 500ms, 1000ms, 1500ms.



GMM Ready Timer

GMM Ready Timer is used to transition GMM layer from "READY" to "STANDBY" state after transmission of the last PDU. In the "STANDBY" state, the mobile only performs Routing Area Updates if necessary, no Cell Updates are performed.

0 to 11160s1, or OFF2




1 Rounding Rules: As the size of the layer 3 message field for setting T3312 and T3314 is limited, the rounding rules are applied to the actual value sent to the mobile to provide large range of values. You do not need to consider the rules when setting the timer, however, the rounding rules will affect the WPA decoding results.

  • Values of 0s to 60s will be rounded up to the nearest even number of seconds.
  • Values of 61s to 1860s will be rounded up to the nearest minute.
  • Values of 1861s to 11160s will be rounded up to the nearest decihours (1 decihour = 6 minutes)

2 T3314 also have a value of "OFF" which keeps GMM in READY state and continues cell updates.

Operating Consideration

The Location Update Timer (T3212) and TBF Release Timer (T3192) can only be set when the Cell Operation Mode is "Cell Off".

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